LED Message Displays

Bringing Creativity To The Next Level....

When researching or discussing LED Message Centers, you will also hear them called LED Message Displays, they are the same thing, just different terminology. LED Message Centers are an amazing, cost-effective advertising tool with proven results for turning eye-catching graphics and advertising into increased engagement, foot traffic and profits.

This brilliant technology is impacting the advertising capabilities of industries and communication all over the world. If your business is located on a road than has 20,000 or more cars driving by it each and every day, how many cars do you need to look at your message and stop in for a purchase to pay back your investment? 2…3…4…10?

The number is not staggering if you know your average sale per customer. You can pay for an LED Message Display in as little as 5 years, with just $10 a day. Join in at the forefront for your own amazing results!

When considering an LED Message Center purchase for your business or organization, you can count on a Suncoast LED Display for years of top quality performance that will allow you to reach your target audience effectively and efficiently. Suncoast LED Displays is located in Clearwater, Florida and every LED Display is manufactured right in their Florida manufacturing facility.

Quality, Prompt Service at a Fair Price

Suncoast LED Displays have sold over 35,000 LED Message Displays worldwide since 1984. Florida Mobile Signs, LLC is a Factory Authorized Distributor of Suncoast LED Displays throughout the State of Florida. Contact us today and we will schedule an in-person meeting with you to help determine the right LED Message Display for you needs; including size, color, pixel, service access, mounting, structure, budget and municipal ordinance and regulations to name a few.

We can manage your entire project including your LED Message Display purchase and training, permit procurement, sign structure design & fabrication (if needed) and installation.


Florida Mobile Signs, LLC has a 42 ft. bucket truck and can service and repair your LED Message Display. We are a factory trained service provider for Suncoast LED Displays and can work on most proprietary and non-proprietary message displays operating in today’s marketplace. Give us a call today to set up an LED Message Display inspection to determine your sign’s operating system and performance issues.


As with all electronics, especially one that is outside in the highly corrosive Florida environment, it’s not if, but when it will fail. If you’re LED Message Display is out of warranty, and costing you significant repair bills to keep running, one of our 3 maintenance programs might be for you. Click on the link below to see our 3 Tier Maintenance Programs to see if one is right for you.


Purchasing an LED Message Display is a significant purchase for a business or organization, which can lead to increased engagement, foot traffic, activity, and revenue. When making such a significant purchase, you want peace of mind with a solid warranty. Florida Mobile Signs, LLC is a Factory Authorized Distributor of Suncoast LED Displays and only sells Suncoast LED Displays. If you purchase a Suncoast LED Display through Florida Mobile Signs, LLC – you not only receive the 5 Year Factory Parts & Factory Labor Warranty* offered by Suncoast LED Displays, you will receive a 2-year On-Site Service Labor Warranty* from Florida Mobile Signs, LLC. If something fails within the first 2 years of purchase*, we have you covered on-site.

*See Complete Suncoast LED Display Warranty and Florida Mobile Signs, LLC Service Warranty for details by


Great News! You currently have an LED Message Display and fully understand the value it plays as a key component in your business plan or marketing strategy. No worry, if it’s time to replace a non-functioning unit, upgrade from a single color to a full color display, upgrade to a larger size display, or take advantage of today’s improvements in pixel resolution for greater display resolution and readability there is still value in your current unit. If you purchase a new Suncoast LED Display through Florida Mobile Signs, LLC we will offer you an Upgrade/Buy-Back amount starting at 10% of the value of your new LED Message Display.

How can you do that you ask? Your current LED Message Display will be inspected and an Upgrade/Buy-Back amount will be determined based on its current condition, parts and functionality. When we buy back a unit, we recondition the unit for resale, harvest the unit for parts for future repairs for service calls around town, or scrap the unit for recycling.