LED Lighting

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Florida Mobile Signs, LLC offers a full line of industry leading, energy efficient interior and exterior LED lighting products to our customers
with a 5 Year Factory Warranty, which can reduce lighting utility costs up to 80%, reduce on-going maintenance material
and labor costs, and reduce HVAC costs when completing interior LED retrofits.

Contact us today to set up an onsite energy audit
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Let us show you options to improve your quality of light while reducing energy and maintenance costs while delivering a high ROI and fast payback, generally 2 years or less

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LED’s simply operate at a higher lumen per watt and significantly reduced temperature compared to Fluorescent, CFL, Induction, Mercury, Metal Halide, High/Low Pressure Sodium and Incandescent lighting. Installing an LED light can save you up to 80% of your lighting utility expense. This is achieved by producing a significantly higher lumen per watt, which allows you to increase or maintain the same lumen output (light level) at a much lower watt usage. Similarly, LED’s produce a very low heat emission (BTU’s) thus reducing strain and operating costs of HVAC units, and extending the life of HVAC units.


Florida Mobile Signs, LLC has a full variety of interior LED products to meet your needs. We have regular bulbs, filament (Edison) bulbs, corn bulbs, floods, spot, tubes, down, can, recessed, surface mounted, flat panels, vapor tight, high bay, low bay, sports throwers, neon rope, linear fixtures and troffer retrofits that will improve your lighting, reduce operating costs and come with a 5 Year Factory Warranty.


There is nothing more important than providing a well-lit, secure parking area for your customers and employees. Florida Mobile Signs, LLC has a 42ft. bucket truck to service your current parking lot and parking garage needs; including replacement of Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs, ballasts and capacitors and Induction Lighting bulbs and components.

If you’re considering an LED retrofit to improve aesthetics or light levels, or reduce light utility expense and maintenance costs or all the above; let Florida Mobile Signs, LLC help you make an informed, well thought our business decision. When upgrading parking lot and parking garage lighting, we can help you select the right fixture to deliver the right look, color temperature and light level (lumens), all with a 5 Year Factory Warranty.


If you’re looking for an LED retrofit solution for any of your outdoor fixtures, Florida Mobile Signs, LLC has a solution for you. Whether you’re looking for an LED bulb for your current fixture, or looking to upgrade your current fixtures, we have a full line of IP65 waterproof exterior fixtures and bulbs with a 5 Year Factory Warranty. Let us show you options to retrofit poles, wall packs, floods, spot, canopy, recessed, down, landscaping, underwater, in-ground, sports throwers, neon rope, shoe box, acorn, street light and FWC approved turtle lights.


You only have a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s eye. LED window borders are an excellent way to draw attention to your business that is both eye catching and cost effective. Florida Mobile Signs, LLC offers an LED window border in RGB (multi-color spectrum) or solid colors of Red, Green, Blue or White with a 5 Year Factory Warranty.


When looking to retrofit your gas station canopy, you want a fixture that can withstand the corrosive Florida environment and harsh rainy seasons year after year. We offer an IP65 waterproof gas station canopy retrofit fixture in either a 70W or 120W power factor. If you want your customer to feel safe as they pump their fuel in a bright, well-lit environment, then let Florida Mobile Signs, LLC be your LED lighting partner.


From display cases, coolers and freezer doors, walk-in displays, etc. we have a retrofit option to meet your needs. With a full variety of LED tubes, bulbs, strips and modules in a full array of color temperatures, watts and lumens; let Florida Mobile Signs, LLC show you how to retrofit your cases with the most eye appealing light that saves you the maximum amount of utility expense.